Zhongshan Mavinlens Optical Co.,Ltd.
         Mavinlens, founded in 2006 , is a leading technology enterprise in the field of freeform optics and aspherical optics. Mavinlens devotes itself into the development, production, and sales of the core technology products such as optical information gathering and optical information restoration, and specializes in providing complete opto-mechatronics integrated solutions with optical core.The products cover the fields of laser-rangefinder optics, night-vision imaging sight optics, digital microscope optics, toy optics, micro-projection optics, and wearable optics (including freeform VR & AR opto-electromechanics integrated display module), etc.
  • 2006

    founded in 2006

  • 2000

    Plant area of 2000 square meters

  • 500

    More than 500 employees

  • 100

    More than 100 patents

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why did you choose us
  • Strength manufacturers more professional

    R&D, production and sales of core technology products such as optical information acquisition, optical information reduction, etc.

  • Wide range of product applications

    Products include laser rangefinder optics, night vision imaging optics, digital microscope optics, toy optics and micro projection optics, and wearable optics.

  • Tailored to be more practical

    Product R&D center, focusing on R&D and design of optical, mechanical and electrical integration products with free-form optics and aspheric optics as the core technology.

  • Perfect after-sales service system

    The innovative business philosophy of "differentiation creates value", professionalism, dedication to the spirit of research, the pursuit of aesthetic quality, the eternal quality of service.